Monday, January 12, 2009

Active And Healthy Lifestyle

Do you have an active lifestyle? Do you enjoy working out and doing outdoor sports? Furthermore, do your children (teenage) join you with these activities? If they are, let them join Sogo Active. They can take the Sogo Active challenge or host Sogo Active; either way is the start for healthy living. Your teenager/s could win a spot in 1000 torchbearer in Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay awarded by Coca-Cola Canada. Being a torchbearer is such a big job. Just think of the stardom that comes with it, everyone will recognize who you are and a chance to get corporations to sponsor you. Sponsors are of the highest importance in my opinion, without them, you may not achieve your goal for the gold.

SOGO Active can also help you with facility and equipment when training. Active Halifax Communities in Nova Scotia is the first to join the Sogo Active program. If you live in Canada and would like to start Sogo Active, please follow the link. Please remember this is for everyone, you can use their services for corporate athletic activities too.

Start your active and healthy lifestyle with Sogo Active, sponsored by Coca-Cola Canada with partnership of ParticipAction; the Canada’s National voice on Physical activity and Sports participation. I also wanted to add that in order to achieve your active and healthy lifestyle, you should eat healthy food as well.


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