Saturday, January 10, 2009

Action All Stars

Winter days are such a drag, especially when you have children who are very active. Mine falls into this category, and they love to play outside weather permitting. However sometimes winter weather is harsh and we get a week with all freezing rain, or frigid cold and wind. To keep them in control inside the house I let them out at least 3 times a week, but impossible when the weather that I mention above is happening. What a mother to do when 4 active kids? We do a lot of activities inside, including playing games on the computer. They enjoy playing games on the computer as long as it’s not a part of their school.

I have a selection of free games online, and they love all of it including They enjoyed making their own characters and dressing them up. They don’t play baseball or basketball in real life, but at least they can experience it virtually. I believe that our home should be the safe place for the children. This is also the same reason why I teach two of my school kids at home. Who said you can’t have fun in your own home? Not in this home and check out the screen shot of my avatar named Akoito.

Action All Stars is a partner of Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, and


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Virtual World Lands said...

My child loved creating her character as well! I sure hope this game stays around of a while.