Monday, March 22, 2010

Another Accomplished Recipe

There are three recipes I wanted to make. As you all know cinnamon rolls is one of them. I accomplished that twice already. I also wanted to try making Ensaymada, I'm not really sure if non-filipino know what it is, but you can Google it to find And lastly, I wanted to make Siopao. It is a bun filled with pork, well in my case it will be more likely filled with beef or chicken.

Since DH was not home over the weekend, I was able to make Ensaymada. My first try, I put too much liquid. I read the milk and water measurement wrong. The good part is, I was only in the first step. No, worry I have plenty of yeast and milk. So, that one went down the drain.

Ensaymada MistakeEnsaymada mistake

Second batch, I was in the second step and it turned out I added way too much potato flour. I was using all purpose flour and adding potato flour for bread consistency. I used 4 egg yolks and 1 egg. I end up putting it in a cup cake mold just to cook it. It already have the ensaymada smell and taste but very

Next post will be about the Ensaymada recipe.
To be continue....

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They look so good. I want to eat already.