Friday, March 19, 2010

Rice Crispy Treats

You will need the following to make this very easy treats for your family. I am using a glass rectangular pan this time. Make sure to rub some butter at the bottom for easy removal. You will need 4 tablespoon butter, 1 bag of marshmallow, and six cups rice crispy. Melt the butter and marshmallow then add rice crispy. Mix well and pour into the pan. I usually use buttered back of spoon to flatten them. Then when cool, I cut them with buttered knife. (I just rub the spoon and knife with butter).

You Will NeedHere is my finish product. The whole box of rice crispy can make 2 batches of this yummy treats.

Make sure you stop at Ms. Willa's blog to see more food images. Just follow the image below.


♥Willa♥ said...

wow! what an easy and yummy treats!!

Amanda said...

My kids would love this!

RE Ausetkmt said...

they're so delicious when you add chocolate chips, and nuts. you can also melt chocolate and dip them into the chocolate and then jimmys to make them festive for kids parties. I also like them with melted cinnamon candies in them.

Cecile said...

love this one..made one before and it was so ggod...yung anak ko kaya magustuhan din to....?

♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

i remember buying Kellogg's rice krispies in the grocery always!!

Nedekcir said...

@ Willa, yes, one of my family's fav treats and even hubby can make it.

@ Amanda, most love it except for my MIL who BTW eats them before her kids was grown.

@ RE, nice variation however, we like it traditional.

@ Cecile, I think it depends if your DS is picky.

@ u8mypinkc00kies, try it out.

Ok, time to visit everyone on the list. Happy weekend everyone.

Amy said...

it sure tastes good! at ang dali lang pala gawin:)

salamat nga pala sa dalaw.. very much appreciated!