Thursday, March 4, 2010

Our Dinner Tonight

Here is my entree for this week. Delmonico cut steak, macaroni and cheese, and saute green beans in tomatoes, onions and garlic. I cooked the steak for 4 minutes on each sides and let it rest for another 5 minutes in the pan. Can you believe that I only learned how to cook steak not too long ago (4 or 5 years)? I like my steak medium well.

Steak and stuff
I know, all you have to do is put the steak in a hot pan, not for me. I burned them and under cook them so many times. DH complains that we should eat more beef, well I research online and read on how to cook the perfect steak. I am so glad that I did. They just melts in your mouth. And below is my favorite steak sauce.

Rib club steak & Worcestershire sauceThis one is boneless rib club steak with macaroni & cheese with broccoli. To see more food pictures, please follow the image below.

I would like to add that I used an iron pan when I cook steak. The sizzling sound on a hot thick pan is like music in my ears.


♥Willa♥ said...

If it is my plate, I have to replace the mac n cheese w/ rice of course, lol! and the green beans, my all time favorite side dish!


David Tamayo said...

Nice! Nothing smells better in the kitchen the cooking beef. ;o)

Sreisaat said...

Hmmm, great dinner! Lea Perrins is also our favorite accompaniment to any steak dish. Oh, and I like mine well done hehehe.

Happy FTF.

We Ate This!

Mumsy said...

I don't eat mac and cheese that much, but your dish is wonderfully delicious!

chubskulit said...

Sarap naman nyan!

Pwede pa bang humabol kahit late na? I am sharing Pork Roast. Have a great weekend!

afv said...

I love how your beef looks, hhmmm..gotta try this one sooner.

shydub said...

That is one yummyliscious dinner sis. Im sure super busog mga alaga mo. Mine is here

Clarissa said...

Nice food preparations!My husband loves his steak medium rare but I don't cook steaks a home.I overcook them lol!

Happy FTF!!

Enjoy your Saturday!^_^

Cecile said...

i love steak so much...yung okra mo mukhang masarap; may recipe ka ba nyan?

LinGZ said...

Wow.. yummmy..
thanks for the post...

Self Sagacity said...

Sometimes, I would cook this way for my family too. Except I replace the macaroni with rice. :-)

Amanda said...

looks delicious! macaroni and cheese is a kid favorite in our house. I love Worcestershire Sauce with beef.

Cecile said...

aw, green beans pala yun, akal ko eh okra :-), sorry but it looks yummy!

Nedekcir said...

@ Willa, yes this is nice with rice

@ David, I agree my DH loves the steak smell instead of

@ Sreisaat, I use to eat it well done too, but it is better raw actually (just don't ask FDA, they will tell you something else), and I settle for medium well. DH, will joke that it is still walking for medium

@ Mumsy, thanks for stopping by.

@ Chubskulit, puwede pa, I don't mind. thanks.

@ afv, thank you.

@ shydub, tama ka kung kumakain sila nito...3 lang ang mahilig. The other 2 will settle for mac 7 cheese.

@ Clarissa, practice lang ako. You can do it.

@ Cecile, thank you. No apology needed, akala ko kc you are looking at my other food pictures kaya I asked you which

@ LinGZ, thanks

@ SS, pareho pala kayo ni Willa. I was the same in the beginning, kahit ano basta cook rice ang

@ Amanda, can you believe I cannot pronounce the name of this sauce...I call it Lea & Perrins when asking in the

Thank you so much for commenting everyone. You all make me happy seeing all the comments. Happy weekend, we had a very nice day today. I love it.

howto-livelovelife said...

Wow...that looks really yummy.