Sunday, May 16, 2010

I Am Back

Alive and kicking again. Sickness caught up to me when I forget to take care of myself. It happens when I am doing too many things at once, trying to be a super mom. Well, it didn't work at my end.

Let's talk about mangoes. I went to my local grocery store last Thursday with 4 kids in tow, and I found Asian mangoes. They are selling it 10 for $10. While I was putting 10 in the bag, I was thinking what they do to it to sell it for less than the other stores. However, all I wanted is to eat some mangoes and my worries went away.

I looked for some recipes online and found "mango float" and "mango pie, and I choose to make the mango float. Can you imagine eating Graham crackers, condensed milk, and heavy cream in the same seating? I eat sweets but not all bad food in one Anyway, I made it and wow, it's like eating pure sugar with mango flavor. That is too sugary for my pallet.

I only used one mango because looking at the ingredients, I was pretty sure it was too sweet for me. DH suggested that I should mix it all in the blender, then freeze. However, I opt not.

I still need to take a picture and put it as my entree for FTF. Watch out for it this Friday at Ms. Willa's blog.

I am glad to be back. How is everyone? Thanks for the well wishes, I do appreciate all of you.