Friday, May 28, 2010

Mango Float

I was asked to write the recipe for the mango float I made last week. It can be easily search through Google just type in "mango float recipe". Anyway, here is what you will need to make some.

10 mangoes
1 box cinnamon graham crackers (crumbled)
1 pint heavy cream
1 can (12 oz) condense milk

  1. I broke the graham crackers just like the way you make a crust for cheese cake. Some preferred it not broken at all. Set aside.
  2. Then I mixed the heavy cream and condensed milk in a separate bowl.
  3. Slice all the mangoes, use as much as you want. I suggest with this recipe 10 will be enough.
  4. Arrange the graham cracker in the bottom of rectangular container.
  5. Add some cream and milk mixture, I let it soak for a while then add another layer.
  6. Put the mango slices on top of the cream and milk mixture.
  7. Them more graham crackers. Continue the layer until you used everything.
I actually saw one online that is made very nice. It looks like the ice cream sandwich you buy in the grocery store. But this is how I made it, no perfection here, simply home made.


Grampy said...

I have been stealing your recipes for a long time now. I need to let you know about it more. I will try the Mango Float.

Nedekcir said... I put it out for everyone to use. Have a great day grampy.