Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Came and Gone

I am very thankful for my SIL, for taking over the Thanksgiving gathering this year. I don't have to clean and cook so much stuff and less half of the food will be eaten. My time cooking is not worth what they eat. Too many left over and most of the time they will never show up because my nieces rather be with their boyfriends' house or busy working.

I only cooked cheese cake, pumpkin pie and chocolate cake this time. We left our untidy house and came back after eating dinner at her house. She set up the dinner at 2pm, but we did not show up until 3pm, because I told DH that she was always late showing up in my house for the whole 7 years the gathering was done in my house.

She called around 1:45pm to make sure we are on our way, but we're not even ready to go yet. I forgot to tell her not to wait for us. Oh, well...I don't feel bad. lol, no remorse at all. High almighty forgive me. We never gave her time when the dinner was in my house, but she always gave us the time. So, I worked around that. However, when everything was done a set, she was no where in my house. That is why, I don't feel bad when I made my husband late this time.

She don't have young children to dress before leaving her house. I have four to keep on reminding to not get dirty or find something to wear for. We were always on time, before their (DH family) tardiness caught up to me. I am sick of it, and I don't care anymore.

So, how was your Thanksgiving?

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