Monday, December 27, 2010

Holidays Are Over

We can finally go back to normal after a week. And the best part of all, is that the day is getting longer everyday. I know winter only started not too long ago, however, I'm looking for warmer temperature from now on.

I made pot roast for Christmas dinner. Actually, that's all I have because my SIL told us that she will not be staying long. However, it changes because she had cold and their plan did go through. They are supposed to visit an ill step mother in law. This is the 3rd time we got a late noticed for Christmas dinner. And yes, she was late again.

DH was sure that his parents was not staying long because his sister is not staying. Well, they all stayed. Not enough food to choose from, and I told my SIL, that I only made one dish because she said that she will not be eating here. I just don't like it when there is no other food choice.

If it's my extended family, they will be more than happy to stay longer. Or until the food meant for the occasion are all gone. I know, I'm just saying. They don't waste food, not like

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