Friday, August 26, 2011

Something Goes Wrong

On January we got invited to a potluck party. It's sort of New Year's Day party but it wasn't New Year. Since my cinnamon rolls was always a hit every time I cook it in the past, I decided to bring a batch along with herb roast. Well, I'm not really sure what happened but, that batch did not came out the same as before. I tasted it first and warned everyone. I was so looking for good phrases for my hard work and nothing came out of it :)).

Easter dinner, I bought a roast beef not knowing it was already seasoned and cook it the regular way, turned out really, really salty. My FIL offered to bring some pre-made meal before the dinner and we opt not. Then the meal I made was horrible...ack!

July fourth party moved to last week because of rain. My ever famous Hershey cocoa chocolate cake turn very very cocoa-we. It taste I put too much cocoa in it. How are all this recipes gone bad? I can see the mistake with the Easter dinner, but the cinnamon rolls and chocolate cake? I was always able to cook them perfectly.

I blame my DD for always talking to me while I was making them. I kept on telling them to watch, but no, she needs to asked questions and sometimes I forget the measuring count for the ingredients. Sometimes I start making some other meals than intended. I can't wait for her to grow a little taller so that she can work in the kitchen by herself.

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