Wednesday, March 28, 2012

No Milk and Process Food for Fifteen Days

My family is a big milk drinker. When DH and I bought our second and third child to have a bio-magnetic therapy done, they were forbidden to consume milk or milk products and process food. That was fun, because they are very picky eater. Furthermore, I have to read every ingredients on things I am preparing.

One of them will never touch shrimp with no melted butter as a dip. The other one was a little easier even though there is not much to choose from. I had to buy rice chocolate milk. They liked it the most. I even tried giving them the very nutritious & healthy hemp chocolate milk (which by the way very expensive) but they settle with the rice.

During this time, DH and I had to pick and drop-off my oldest son. Well, we don't have time to set in a nice restaurant when traveling and we got our food from a fast food chain. There is not much non-process food on those places. If they only eat salad, everything will be find, but of course a big fat NO.

While at home, I can find something good for them. The milk product problem was very hard. Rice milk does not taste good for making sauce...yuck! My artsy side (that is next to nothing) had a hard time feeding these children. We are due back this coming Monday and I am praying that they can eat anything after the treatment. Or maybe shove all the milk product in their belly before we get there.

The therapist mentioned that their variety of food will pick, but so far NO. They are still picky.

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