Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Perfect for Any Occasion

Spring, yes, it came early for us this year. I love it when my family can enjoy the outdoor after winter. I sent out picture of my whole family to those who I haven't seen or have never seen relatives of ours. I think it is a delightful gesture to remember us by. I wish I can send them gourmet baskets from, but my fund is limited.

I used to send something like above when I was still working. My sitter to my oldest son got the most of it. I wanted to give her gratification because my son spent more time with her than me. I wanted to show her that I am particularly thankful for what she was doing. In the end I hope she realized it.

I did asked my son if he was treated nice, and his answer was yes. You can never be too careful with other people. The horror stories other parents encounter, I saw one on television when we still have cable. I can't put my children through that. It's not worth the money. I rather die not having things I wanted, remember "wants" is different than "need."

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