Friday, June 1, 2012

Eye Trouble

Yes, I think it came with age, or too many online games. Whatever is the source it isn't good for me. I had been seeing black spots after being outside a lot. No, I do not see them while outside, but when I finally decided to inside the house. I am not an optometrist, but I think it is because I wear sunglasses a lot without prescription. You know the kind, the cheapest one I can find in the store.

I will have to get an appointment very soon and get my eyes checked. I can hear my husband now making fun of me for wearing them. I already know what shape lens to get. Did you have a hard time choosing the right glasses for your face? As for me, I pick the shape that is the opposite of my face.

My husband in another hand needed another eye exam every year. He's been using prescription glasses as long as I knew him. He wears them more than not these days. Which before he was doing the opposite. This is the outcome of mother's not eating nutrition's food while pregnant, in my opinion. He got so many health problems, and his diet as an adult does not help either. I'm not his mother, and I can't force him to eat foods that are good for him. It's his own decision and fall into self-control.

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