Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Fruits & Vegetables + Strange Bees

I can't wait going to my local farmers' market's and buying fresh vegetables and fruits. Nothing can be compare to them. I just wish that my seeds are growing. I will be a much happier camper.

Our friends of ours was waiting for some bees and queen for the new stock this spring. However, it was sold out before they can add the quantities into their websites. In my opinion, it might have something to do with back orders.

Anyway, within a few days, his father pointed out to him a swarm of bees on one of their backyard tree. I think those bees ran away from the website where he want to buy some I know, wow! He does not even have to wait for them, and the best part, he does not need to pay for them.

They came in on their own, because the bees knew he needed some.

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