Broccoli & Cheese Bake Potato

This favorite of mine is very costly. Why you asked? Well, I ate it alone, and cooking one potato in a regular oven is a waste of electricity, in my opinion. I will be so happy if I can cook seven or even ten in one go. But no, not in this household 😄.

What's not to like with bake potatoes? I can't tell you because I love them with chili and cheese, bacon bits and cheese, sour cream and chives, and above (broccoli and cheese). Those are the bake potatoes Wendy's sells. Hahaha, yup Wendy's got me hooked with those potatoes. I haven't made the bacon and cheese, because Wendy's uses different kind of bacon. It's like pull pork but dry 😋, not the same as bacon bits you buy from your local grocery store or pieces of bacon you cook yourself. I have no idea where to get it. However, if I want it bad enough, home cooked bacon will do just fine.

**Note: I just checked Wendy's website and the picture of their bacon and cheese potato is not I was talking about. Those (now) are slices of regular bacon. I guess they don't use it anymore.


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