Chicken of the Woods * Laetiporus Speciosus

I have so much mushrooms growing in my property. A lot of inedible kind, so what a lady to do? Join a mushrooms identification groups. I do try to remember all the edible kind. I will worry about the poisonous kind later. So, Chicken of the woods is one of the edible kind I found nine feet high on a dead tree in my backyard. Of course I asked so much questions before harvesting them. When I felt confidence enough, I picked it, wash the way the pro-mushrooms hunters suggested, and how to prepare. I opt on sauteing them in olive oil, garlic, onion, and I mixed green pepper slices and shrimp. Boy that thing gave me so much gas, and the earthly smell is over powering everything. Next year, if my family is still here, I will try deep frying it like regular chicken and have to see if I like them better. I still have left over in the freezer. And my husband forbid me to try any wild mushrooms while he is at work hehehe.  

From spring to late fall before the last first frost so many posts about the mushrooms they found. Mostly double posts because I guess they do not read anything. It's tiresome sometimes hahaha.

I found four edible mushrooms (confidently identifying) in my yard this year. I will have to post them singly for my own record. Chicken of the woods is the only one I tasted because my husband told me not to do so much at one year. He was scared for me hehehe. So, next year I can try another edible one. I can't wait. 


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