Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Alaskan King Crabs

Red King Crab
One of my favorite seafood is Alaskan king crabs. We have a Chinese buffet that serves Alaskan king crab. And that was always what I eat when we go there. Do you know anything about Alaskan king crabs? You might want to visit this site if you don’t know much about them.

Blue King Crab

King crab is a wonderful source of protein and light on calories, (yummy is what I call it he he he). Anyway, if you want to buy king crabs with no middle man you are in the right place. Don’t be fool with other seafood market selling Alaskan king crab legs, they are bought from Russian and caught illegally.

Gold King Crab

Alaskan king crabs are the best because when you crack them open, you will find a giant piece of meat. The texture and flavor is more delicate and softer, and they have a unique sweet taste unlike the crab meat from the east coast. And for those of you who doesn’t eat beef, pork, and chicken meat this is a healthy alternative. Have you ever tried Alaskan king crab legs? Here is your chance, visit today.

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Keropi Dark said...

I'd hate to be so blunt but your top crab looks absolutely yummy. Your post has influenced my lunch choices.