Sunday, August 3, 2008

Oh Money, Where Are You?

Would you want to know how financially fit you are? Visit Bills IQ and find out. My over all IQ is 85 percent (image below). My knowledge of my credit is quiet high, my knowledge of my debt can be improve up to 8 points but I don’t have much control of it this time because I’m not working, my budgeting power is fine, my wealth/what I own can be improve by 3 points, and life plan is fine also.

Maybe I should look into Debt consolidation, and try to get my credit card balance way down. It would be a nice feeling knowing I’m Debt relief. My problem right now is not having enough earnings, meaning not enough to save and even if I can save a little the interest rate is out of whack these days. So I can’t win, I think my best bet is to buy gold and silver instead of savings or money market account.

Anyway, if you need Debt help, visit Bills IQ and see how you can make your financial future better. They can also help you with your Credit card debt, and Consolidate debt to prevent Bankruptcy.

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debt consolidation said...

Debt consolidation involves tackling one major issue at a time. If you attempt to service all of your debt simultaneously with a limited amount of funds, you could stretch yourself too thin, leaving you without enough money to buy month-to-month essentials.