Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Sproutwells Packages

My dear readers and friends I have a new episode of The Sproutwells here for you. This one is about their nosy neighbor. I don’t have a nosy neighbor but what I have is a nasty neighbor. They are not that old in my opinion but they put a new meaning to the phrase “grumpy old man”. At one point he called the cop to our other neighbor because they are playing with fireworks. Anyway, do you like to eat fruits and vegetables? You can join freshfunds and collect points from Chiquita fruit and veggie bites, fresh express gourmet café salads, and fresh express packaged salads. You can win prices like Apple Mac Book Air, Kitchen Aid mixer (I would like to have this one), weekend trip to Napa Valley, Tiffany & Co. (this would be nice too), Spa Getaway, and a lot more. Eat healthy and win prices from freshfunds.

Sponsored by Fresh Funds

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