Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Professional Kitchen Wares

That is what I wanted to have if I ever win a kitchen makeover from some company that I put an entrée for. Hey, I may not win but dreaming is always good when done properly…lol. Having a big family is like owning a small restaurant already. It should be open from when the children wake until they go to bed. Unless the restaurant can close when the time for them to close, I can’t. And I believe I deserve the best professional cookwares out there, right honey?

I may not be a professional chefs but I can cook like one. Everyone knows that having restaurant grade equipment will sure last longer, just make sure you pick the best just like wasserstrom restaurant supplies. Where else will you find China sets for more than 12 people? You will not find it in your local department store, well not in mind. And I’m pretty sure you will find this in some specialty stores.

Soup LadleAre you thinking about opening you own restaurant or café? Think about Wasserstrom, you will find Chefs uniforms, Restaurant supplies, Grocers supplies and Hotels too. Don’t take my words for it, check it out yourself. Now, I’m off to enter more giveaways. This equipments don’t come cheap, you know.

Images Credit: Wasserstrom.com

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