Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dishwasher Broke

It's been broken for quite sometime now however, we still manage to use and still cleans up the dishes. We think that our nephew broke without knowing how to open it. Anyway, after that incident I notice that it was hard to open and close. I told DH about it and we tried to make it better.

When doing so, DH broke the lock the picture is below. But we are still able to use it. With the lock being broken we can't open it while its washing. And then since it does not lock anymore, I think the computer inside got moist from the water and one night over the weekend I can't even turn it on. Then Sunday night I saw the light on and push the button and it started. Now the problem is it don't want to stop. It usually wash for 2 hours and this time it was washing forever. I had to turn off the circuit breaker to stop it this time. DH had to use the fish tank vacuum to get the rest of the water out. So my kitchen was a mess until today.

My kitchen is very tiny and feeding 7 people and having all the dirty pots and pans and dishes on the kitchen is not a pretty site. I never used dishwasher until we had 3 kids. I can't find time to stand in front of the sink washing dishes anymore. And the only kitchen counter I have left to prep food is full too. I was almost crying yesterday because the broken dishwasher is sticking out under the counter (first image). Then the only counter I was talking about is the one I can't get to because of the dishwasher. The stove top is in the other left side of that dishwasher and the refrigerator is at the right side. I found it very difficult to work on. (image above)

Before going to bed last night I manage to wash some dishes, pots and pans. Mind you, DH remove the hose from the dishwasher to the pipe under the sink. While I was running the water I can hear some gushing sound, then when I turn it off I can't hear it anymore. I just realize what was going on when I saw water running on the kitchen floor. The stuff under the sink was soaking wet, not to mention the floor where the dishwasher used to be and the kitchen floor too. I put some towels down and went to bed. I couldn't take looking at it and getting mad about it.

And after all this long narration, we have a working, almost the same (same brand) old dishwasher. DH found a free old dishwasher on Craiglist and that is what we are using starting today. Ours is just 3 or 4 years old, and we are trying to color coordinate the kitchen with black. Now our dishwasher is white though, I find it making my kitchen much brighter (which I like, BTW).

The new dishwasher in place.


Cher said...

I can sympathize with you. I haven't had a dishwasher for quite a while and am getting used to it, but the watery mess on the floor is what I had to deal with too. It was from my ice maker. It still isn't fixed yet either. It wouldn't be so bad, but in the summer in Florida it's almost a necessity.
Good luck with your "new" dishwasher!

Nedekcir said...

Hi Cher, thank for stopping by. BTW, the used dishwasher is not working very well. But still better done nothing. Maybe I should it with extra wash.