Sunday, February 22, 2009

Keeping & Caring for Olive Oil

Good olive oils are as complex and varied as wine, yet buying the healthiest kinds is easy.Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil contains the most phenols, the source of much of its healthfulness. Exceptional olive oils have the flavors and aromas that are far beyond those of the bland jugs at the supermarket. They can taste of such things as pepper, citrus, grass, and almond. Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil is especially good for drizzling over vegetables and pasta noodles, or for dipping bread. Virgin olive oil is next best, and is fine for sautéeing. "Light" olive oil refers strictly to color and mild taste. It is not reduced calorie.

Light, heat, and air will spoil your stash, given enough time. Keep oils in an airtight bottle, in a cool cabinet, away from sunlight for up to a year. Even the best olive oils come in a wide range of prices, so experiment until you find a few brands you like at a reasonable price.

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