Friday, July 3, 2009

Bacon, Eggs, & Toast

In My Kitchen
Did you know this breakfast took a while to get done? I had to start with bacon cook the whole pack, then cook the scrambled eggs and lastly the toasted bread. How does big families do it? We can't afford a grill top stove to have all of this cook at one time. I remember when I still work in the restaurant. I usually bring ingredients to cook for everyone in the morning and put everything on the grill. And we all eat together because the food get done at the same time.

I cooked the bacon on a pan, and I can only fit 5 or 6 depending how big the bacon are. But I am feeding 7 people here, 6 pieces of bacon is not enough for 7 people. The scramble eggs I had to keep stirring to prevent burning it. Then the toast, I can only fit 4 in a toaster oven.

Anyway, just writing my prostration here and out of my mind.

BTW, enjoy.


Wanda said...

Hi, Have you ever tried cooking your bacon on your broiler pan in the oven? It really cooks well and you are able to prepare the whole package at one time.
I prepare mine in the oven and cook it on 350 degrees. If you place the bacon on top of the broiler pan, the grease will drain into the bottom. The bacon becomes very crisp. While the bacon is cooking, you can have your eggs ready to prepare and toast ready to make.
Please let me know if you try this and how it works for you.
Have a great weekend!

Nedekcir said...

Thanks Wanda for the tip. I did try cooking the bacon on a cookie sheet at one point but some part are well done and some part are raw/not toasty. I will definitely try the broiler. I know what you mean with the microwave, I used to cook the bacon there too. Not anymore, because I feed these to my kids. I know bacon is not healthy but I try not to feed them anything that is cook or warm in the microwave.
I will sure let you know. If the broiler works for me.

Empty Streets said...

aww it still looked alright somehow hehehe :) hope you this doesnt ruin your weekend there is still a lot of time for seconds heheh :) xoxo

Salute said...

As Wanda mentioned, I cook my bacon on my broiler pan in the oven. Yummy and happy cooking.