Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Keep Yourself Busy This Summer

Any plan for the summer yet? We don’t have anything yet as of yet, because I am still busy teaching and getting my kids enrollment finish. I am still waiting for 2 more orientations to do and making sure to pack everything we don’t need to ship out. Furthermore, my children are still small and I don’t think they can survive a week without their parents. We will be doing some camping before the summer is over. That is camping outside with nature. Not the type of camping that you will sleep inside a cabin. There are a few churches around us who offers day Summer Camps.


I wanted my kids to learn about wilderness camps or adventures. Get themselves familiar with edible plants and learn how to survive the worst case scenario in the wild. And I found so many all over the US, Canada, Central America, and Australia. They will not be ready being away, but knowing all the choices are out there is very helpful. If you are thinking about sending your teenagers into summer camp this site is very informative. You will find the right camps for your summer camps enthusiasts. Please follow the link and see for yourself what they have to offer and maybe win $1000 when you put the widget in your blog. That's enough to send your teenager to summer camp plus spending money.


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