Monday, July 13, 2009

Bring your Summer Weekends to Life

We don’t have any plans going on vacations this summer. My husband is very busy working and trying to get all the work finish as they come in. We may not have too many of those when the economy collapse, which I think is coming soon. He is trying to take any calls he receive at this point. We don’t go away on vacation however, we are doing staycation. During my sister in law’s wedding by Delaware Water Gap river, my children can’t help but admired boaters, canoers, and kayakers passed by. They plead that they wanted to do it. And that exactly is what we use Charter internet for, finding an affordable boat rental to enjoy the water.

You will be surprise on how much time we spend using the internet. It’s our source of information because we don’t watch television. There is so much information out there and all we have to do is type the correct keyword for it and they are available to us. We read a lot about our government policies and the constitution (the supreme law of this land) of this country. We are educating ourselves along with our children; the mass media only tells you what they wanted. With internet we can read both side of the story and see what really is behind everything. Furthermore, I can read and follow Charter on Facebook and get updates on their promotions.

For this summer they are giving away a weekly prizes. For this week one lucky winner will have to take home a 52” HFTV, one laptop, and a free year of the Charter Bundle, which includes Cable and HD and DVR, Charter High-Speed Internet and Charter Telephone. All you have to do is simply “Tell Them How You Do It” by visiting Easy enough right? What are you waiting for, please follow the links above.


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