Friday, September 11, 2009

iPod and MacBook Giveaway

No, not this blog (I wish) but I am letting you know that you can win an iPod and Macbook from Netfirms contest if you do the following:
  1. Tweet “Win a free iPod Touch or Macbook from Netfirms contest”, domain registration via Twitter
  2. Register a domain via Netfirms Twitter Domain Registration service for $7.99
One re-tweet equals one entry per day and one domain registered equals one entry. I think that is plenty of ways to win, don’t you think so? You can also watch the short film to learn about SMS via Twitter. I have seen a lot of blogger who uses these services already, and this time you have a chance to win something.

I wish I have a lot of friends to pass this contest to but I have no luck with that department. I have so many things to do around the house and having a lot of it is another work for me. I do value what I have now and trying to keep them is still hard for cyber schooling mother like me.

It does not matter if we are friends; if you want to join go right ahead, it is for anyone who wants to try their luck. Winning something for free gives an individual some kind of accomplishment and feels good about thyself. I knew the feeling because I won a few things here and there since I join the blogosphere.

Additional Information

You send a Direct Message to Netfirms via Twitter asking us to register a domain name for you. If the domain name is available we will register it for you and automatically add it to your existing Netfirms Control Panel and bill to your current billing profile. The only prerequisite is that you add your Twitter username to your Netfirms Control Panel. Please visit our tutorial with full details on setting yourself up for domain registration via Twitter. The instructions should be completed once only and you’re good to go after that.

1. Log in to your Twitter account (You can use any of the available Twitter apps)
2. Send a dm to @netfirms with the following: reg
3. We will confirm by replying to you via dm at which point the domain will be added to your Netfirms Control Panel. The domain is now ready to be used.


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