Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Will Accept Adverts Again

Please make sure you come back on 9/26/09 to place your adverts to my EC widget. The price will be 2ec credit a day and that price will be on for a week. If you have a multiple account on EC this is your chance to put all your adverts for free to a blog with PR3.

I will approve all ads on 10/4/09 to give a few people a chance to place any ads they want. I am not gaining anything from it because EC will take most of the earning from it. I am giving a lot of you a chance to place ads close to nothing. You have three days before you can place any ads, I am hoping to get enough adverts then I will turn off my widget again. I am not very fond of EC using the widget in this blog for free since I stop accepting ads.

Now, my regular droppers will get a chance to place an ads for free, well close to it. Please remember that I will approve all ads on 10/4/09 so, don't worry if you see your ad not being approved.

ETA: Ok, I just found out that the 2ec will not stay the even if I don't approve any adverts. That SUCKS big time. However, I will return all adverts price spent to place an ad to my blog next week. My apology my droppers.

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