Monday, November 2, 2009

My French Toast

I kept forgetting taking food pictures every time I cook something new. And look there was only one french toast left when I remember taking a picture. So sad looking single slice of And nothing on it too, I will do better next time.

French ToastI have to make sour dough bread first and let it set out in the open and make french toast out of it. I will change the picture as soon as I get a new picture. I haven't made this for such a long time and DH was so happy to have them over the weekend. I usually beat eggs and add cinnamon in it and just about it. Butter the pan to prevent it for sticking. You can add anything as a topping if you like, like fresh fruits, powder sugar and ice cream. Enjoy!

Better Picture of French ToastHere is an updated picture I took a week later. Want some? I put powder sugar and maple syrup on top. Yummy!

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MAC said...

When I was a kid my mom would make French toast but without the sweetness. We ate it with salt and pepper and I still love it that way.