Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Experimented with Potato Flour

DH and I did just that today, and it did not turn out to be bad. I made a roll with honey and some nuts inside. Baked it for 10 minutes in a 410°F oven. We are looking for something that has a lot of calories and at the same time much healthier than the traditional wheat flour bread.

The first roll that I made was fine, but the longer it sits out the dough gets drier and when I roll the flatten dough it simply cracks and breaks. I did not finish making all of it because DH needed it this Saturday. I think the best time to make it is on Thursday. So, it will not sit for long, and it may get bad.

After an hour, I came up with the idea to wrap the potato dough into a regular dough and bake it. I told DH and he said he was thinking the same. I will do just that on Thursday. Now, it doesn't really matter how dry the potato dough is. It will be like a stuffing inside a regular bread. I will try to flatten the wheat dough very thin before wrapping the potato rolls inside. It should work, right?...lol.

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