Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Additional Flatwares & Dinnerwares

Cooking three meals a day for a family of seven uses a lot of plates. Not including snack wares and drinks, I can pretty much wash dishes three times a day too. It would be nice if my hubby picks up some of the work when he is home for the winter, but no. That will be other post, yes hubs, I am picking on you again...lol.Dinner Ware SetHowever, I don't really have to ask him to do the dishes if we can have some extra Pfaltzgraff flatwares and dinnerwares, enough to use for two extra meals a day. We just need a bigger dishwasher to fit 21 dishes, plus bowls, glasses, silver wares, and other kitchen gadgets I used for the whole day. Though, I don't think I can fit bigger dishwasher in my kitchen, unless we renovate our kitchen.
Serving WaresHe loves to shop for electronics, but I don't think we can buy some there. It is hard enough to make him buy some other things I needed, asking him to buy plates in specialty stores I think will be harder. I wish you can find this in Home Depot, that would be so easy to send him there. Don't forget that we can use some drink ware too.

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