Thursday, January 21, 2010

According to Yahweh

DH and I was reading the old words from Yahweh and found out some interesting information. Everyone knows here that I love seafood, not all seafood but most of it. I have heard this before when I was younger too, but since I grew up eating most of it, I assume it was fine.

Any bottom feeder seafood is considered sinful food including our friendly swine who eats food scraps from our kitchen. My parents in the other hand never feed our pigs when I was little any meat. They're mostly consisted of vegetables and grains. Since I love all the things I mentioned above, I am having hard time today.

Just looking at my homemade egg rolls being eaten by my kids who are fond of it makes my stomach turn. We are only allowed to eat fish that has fins and scales. Does sharks' have scales, because I know plenty of people who eat shark meat? This is the reason why we should be allowed to grow our own little farm in our own property, lot size permitting of course. However, if my neighbor decided to grow their own I will not make a fuss about it. As long as they are fenced in and not pooping in my backyard, I am fine with it.

I have a lot of recipes here with seafood that are not allowed. I have to control myself buying these seafood. I have to stick with beef, chicken, and fish that is allowed. I need soul cleansing.

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Pinay said...

My family is following God's food laws written in Leviticus 11.

it's nice to know that you're following those too.