Friday, April 2, 2010

If Only He Could

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When talking to hubby on how his eyesight is so bad, I get the conclusion that his mother did not eat food when she was pregnant with any of her kids. She is just plain does not know anything, or simply does not care, because she talks about how her parents always ate healthy when she was little.

His sister just went under the lazy eyes' surgery, because all three of them have it. He actually blames it with the color of his eyes. And I can attest that most blue eye people don't have bad eyes just like he does. I showed him the iLASIK Video Contest winner, and he is not qualified for any of these services. His eyes are way out ruin that the only thing he can use is prescription eyeglasses for the rest of his life.

However, for those of you out there you can still see without glasses check this iLASIK Video Contest, and see what you think. I am glad for others who can actually continue an everyday life without glasses attach in their faces. I just wanted to share to moms who are pregnant right now to eat healthy for your own and your baby's health.

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