Thursday, April 22, 2010

Is Your Water Clean

It doesn't really matter if you have city or well water they are both dirty. City water is filled with so many chemicals. Water from the well can be contaminated with almost anything specially if you don't get along with your neighbors or water control people going places putting stuff and telling you that it's for your protection. Yea right, more likely protection from them. Water bottle is not good either because of the bottle, and what they do with the water before it goes in it. Distilled water that you buy from the store is the same way. Plastics are filled with chemicals, please remember that.

We've been using a water distiller for a month now. Every water that we use for cooking came from the distiller. Would you like to see the stuff that is left behind the bottom of the distiller, take a look below?

Ours can make 5 gallons a day, but we consume 2 gallons. We make one in the morning and one at night. We never store the distilled water in a plastic container because that is a waste of money. Plastic have chemicals and distilled water has nothing in it. Meaning the chemicals in plastic can transfer into the water. Do you buy distilled water from the store? Waste of money, it goes the same with bottled water. They are all filled with chemicals.

To clean it, I use hot water and vinegar mixture (filled all the way on the top), and I let it boil for 20 to 30 minutes. So, what is in your water? This distiller kills everything that can be found in our water and removed harsh chemical like fluoride (and a lot more) that can be found in city water.

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