Friday, September 17, 2010

Steam Crabs

I wish I still live in the south to catch some of these. My friends and I used to spend one whole day in the pier catching crabs. This one however, is caught inside a grocery store. DH asked me how much I paid for it, I kinda lied because I know if he heard the right amount I will never hear the end of it. He does love crabs but he rather buy the big ones because it has more meat in them. DD was asking when we are going crabbing. With DH schedule, all I can tell her is I don't know.


Jay - agent112778 said...

im not into crabs, my mom loves it and im enjoying seeing her eat the crab like a kitten

as for me, this is my entry

♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ said...

oh my! Good for your hubby bec he knows what the real food is, unlike mine who live in a mountain all his life and live with Pizza,burger and steak, LOL!
On the other hand, I'm glad that my boys love it!

Have a Yummy Weekend!!

Cecile said...

This entry reminds me of home...we used to eat steamed crab when I was a kid.

Nedekcir said...

Thank you Jay, Willa and Cecile. I apologize for returning the favor late, busy will not get better anytime soon either.

selfdrivetours said...

Crabs, Singaporeans' number 1 favour.

When you are in Singapore, remember to try them out. There are a few variations, chilli crab, butter crab, steam crab, black peppe crab, cheese crab... yummy.