Friday, January 14, 2011

Family Favorite

I am talking about chocolates. Yes, they get enough of it or anything sweet that is. And you know what holiday is coming? Valentine's day, and they expect to have chocolate gifts waiting for them. My husband favorite is the chocolate covered cherries. Most ladies I know love chocolates as well. I think I am the only one that is not very fond of it. Don't get me wrong I eat them, but I don't go over board when I do. A pack of chocolate will last me a while.

I also found out, that when you drink milk after eating some minty chocolates your mouth feel very cold almost like a brain freeze.I know you probably knew that a long time ago. I am just sharing my new found experience. This is also a post as a reminder to get something for your love ones on this coming event. I always give out chocolates for the holiday when I was still working. I may not be as sweet as chocolates but at least my associates received something sweet from me. My sappy self is coming out...bleh...ha ha ha

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