Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Out of Control Eating

Is it correct that American people have more over weight people than any other countries? I don't really know who conduct this study, or who participated on it. All I know is, if you are ready to be healthy and take control of your weight problem you can use food diary for help. This is a social fitness network. Some people can stay on their diet with others just like them. I am in the same boat when it comes to working out. I can't stay on track working out on my own. I want to see other people when I do it. I feel good knowing that I am the only one sweating when others look tired and ready to quit. I can say, I feed on other people failures to attain my goals. However, this only pertains towards working out. I just wanted to make it clear.

People must realize that eating junk food can be done occasionally. Furthermore, over eating will not help either. I am thankful that I don't have that kind of problem. I eat when I am hungry, and I eat natural or whole food 80 percent of the time. I rarely go out and buy cook food. If my family and I are traveling, yes, there are times just like that. However, as soon as we get home, we stop and make home cook meals. Cooking at home helps at a lot, especially for myself. It isn't healthy to sit all day and call for take out when it's time to eat. Yes, it is very easy for me to say because I've done it many times.

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