Saturday, January 29, 2011

One Pound of Cod for $19.98

Well, I just got back from the grocery store and wanted to make fish sticks again for DH. I looked at the package of my wild caught Alaskan Cod, and it say's, Lobster Tail 2 pack and I paid $19.98. I was like, should I open it and see if the man gave me Lobster tail or leave it taped and go back to the grocery store and get my $13.00 back. A pound of the Cod is only $6.79. I knew it was less than $7.00.

Mind you our road are still bad from the storm two days ago. Our driveway is not totally melted because it is gravel. And I have to back up to the garage when I get back because it is very hard to get out of the driveway backing out to the road. Our garage is lower than the road. However, I did not have a hard time backing to the garage earlier. Our driveway shape like a "L."

I asked DH if it really worth the driving and the backing-up to get $13.00 back. He said no. I think I can go back and forth for $5.00 gas, and aggravation of driving on the snow, looking for a parking spot, be out in the cold, so the verdict...I'll cook my very expensive fish stick I have right now. I have to make sure to check the tag next time.

DH was also arguing with me, that taking it back I may get a look from the costumer service window. Why, I ask? They might say you bought that some other day and wanted some money back today. But the tag was wrong, I did not get a Lobster Tail, I got some fish. He thought that I got a fish and the tag on the fish said fish, but somehow the cashier charge me for Lobster tail...I was like...what! No, the person at the fish department press the wrong code, and somehow printed a lobster code instead of a cod code and put it on to tag my fish. The cashier only scan the bar code on the package, they can't change it. This is what happens when he does not let me finish telling him the story and simply jump to solve the problem.

Plus, it's his money, if he say's "fine let it go,"'s fine with me. However, I do get mad at him when I tell him do not spend any money on the account it might over drawn...then he will say...huh! what happens to all the money in there? Then I can say...well someone gave away $13.00 not to long ago at so and so grocery store...remember the fish and lobster story? He needs to take some kind of money management class of some sort.

Ok, I better get off my PC. Time to cook the very expensive one pound Cod I bought for $19.98...gee!


alf said...

Oh that is too expensive. I bought cod last week for $6.99/lb on sale fr. $7.99. I know cod is the best but if I were you, keep your receipt or give them a call. Hey, for $13 credit that is 2 lbs of yummy cod. Happy Monday!

Nedekcir said...

Yes I know, but DH didn't mind and the place is 15 minutes away (1 way). That will take away 30 minutes of my time at home. I'll just have to make sure to check the tags next time.