Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Homemade Fish Sticks

Somehow every time I here the words "fish sticks" it reminds me of one episode of South Park about R Kelly and fish sticks. That was messed-up.

Anyway, I tried making a few pieces of fish sticks yesterday for my ever picky 10 year old DS. He said it was ok, well I told him that it is home made. However, DH likes it because it does not smell or taste like fish. I used wild caught cod. I slices them thinly, submerge with butter milk, then flour, next butter milk again, lastly into seasoned flour. I used cooking oil to fry them.

I am thinking about using the tempura mix next time, or better batter and breading. I have to research some more online and see which one most prefer.


TiLT said...

you had me at South Park :P

Nedekcir said...

ha ha ha...