Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Plain Lazy

ODS came home for his winter vacation last Thursday. DH picked him up from his father's house. I had fresh chicken from the store in the refrigerator and decided to make chicken Parmesan. I have all the ingredients and I don't need to go out to make it.

Well, like I said I have fresh chicken...I made quesadilla for lunch and I still have some left over. So, I decided to make chicken Parmesan. I cooked the chicken without any breading. When I am ready to bake it, I started thinking. Will it be fine without breading to make the dish? Well, guess what, it did not taste right. Something is missing with the taste. I checked online and most or all recipe for this dish calls for breading.

ODS still ate it because that is what we have for dinner. He is very nice for putting up with me, with my cooking mistakes. Well, that goes with DH too...:)) Always follow the recipe is the lesson for me.

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