Thursday, April 17, 2008


I went out food shopping today and visit one of my local grocery store that I don't usually go to and found Guavas. I don't even know how much it cost, but I bought two pieces. It was unexpected because being far away from the ocean everything is very hard to come by...tropical fruits that is. I missed eating these things and when I got home I got right into it. I couldn't stop eating and it gave me a tummy ache :( I guess that is what i get. Taste just like home.


nice said...

hi! have you tried the guava candy? i think the name's guava drop, i'm not sure. my boyfriend loved it and asked me to try one. i was reluctant at first coz im not much into guavas, but i finally tried and found out it taste good. :D

Nedekcir said...

I haven't heard of it. hmmm guava drops sound yummy :)