Sunday, November 16, 2008

Being Together Is The Best Gift

Oh, how I wish it would be so easy to put everything we needed on layaway. Well it would be easy, but paying for it will be tough, because the things I wanted are for the whole family. It will be very expensive and paying it within the certain time will be hard. You will see what I am talking about when looking at the three items (Images) I picked that we need for the rainy days.
The generator can help us during a power failure. We don’t need to worry about flushing the toilet or rotting meat and cooking for that matter. The grill can be use as a substitute for electric range, if our generator may not have enough power for cooking. And lastly the pasta maker, we can make our fresh homemade pasta when we can’t get to the store to buy some, or when the store runs out of food to sell. We already have emergency food stocked up and I know we can never be prepare to what is upon us, but knowing we have enough emergency supplies to last a few weeks is better than nothing.
Sears Layaway can definitely help everyone who doesn’t want to use a credit card this season, and I am included. We are lucky enough because no one in our family wants anything from us this Christmas. We are providing the food and the place of gathering, and that is enough for them. Being together this holiday season is the best gift anyone can give, in my opinion. How about your family?


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