Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mr. Bluelight @ Kmart

You all know that I canned some tomatoes and froze some vegetables over the summer for winter use. I used my husband stock pot to water baths canned them. I actually cooked some of them a few weeks ago, and they are not that bad. The vegetables are little soft for my liking, but they are tolerable. I always wanted to buy the pressure cooker/canner they suggested for canning tomatoes, I have the money to buy it, but every time I’m ready to buy it something always stop me for spending that money. I come to a conclusion that I should put it on Kmart Layaway program, to ease up spending $100 at one time.
We will be using cash for our Christmas shopping this year. Our economy is not looking very good right now, and we don’t want to end up paying high interest rate for credit cards. Lay-away can be a good option too, but I don’t think that we need it this year for the kids presents. I can go there when they are having a bluelight special and buy the gifts for my children, and other necessities we need for an emergency. Mr. Bluelight does not remind of anyone but it does remind me of savings. Every savings counts in my opinion, because I don't know how our economy will turn out in the next morning, week or months.

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