Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving (just around the corner)

I am very busy these days, I have not start cleaning my house yet. We have a few relatives coming, (well that happens every year) and I want the house to look organize. I hate it when people comes that every mess can be seen every where. I'm sure DC and DH will help but I just don't have the energy lately.

Good thing I still have one bottle left of my MonaVie given by my sister. I can really use this with the upcoming holiday to boast my energy and think clearly hopefully. Like I said I been so busy and never had time to drop 300 EC these days. I'll be lucky if I can drop 50 in a day. But I promise that I will be back to visit all you site again as soon as I have time.

I will post my Thanksgiving dinner meal after the Holiday.

I will leave you a picture taken two years ago when my parents came to visit. This was their first real Thanksgiving with turkey, mash potatoes, corns, mash sweet potatoes, gravy, dinner rolls, stuffing's, and cranberry sauce. With pumpkin pie, apple pie and cheese cake for dessert. Made by me of course :).

Happy Thanksgiving everyone to those who celebrate this Holiday. Ciao.

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