Friday, November 28, 2008

Visit New Zealand For Free

I read online that in New Zealand in a few days (December) it would be summer down there. I wish we have a property down there and move there during winter months in the United States, then come back here when the winter is over. My children are already home school and moving down in New Zealand should not be a problem. The only problem is getting a job while we are there; I think it would be hard to find a job that can work with our living arrangement (living there for six months and gone for another six). However, I’m pretty sure we can make it work with a little determination.

Going on vacation to New Zealand is easier than what I mention above, would you agree? A free trip to New Zealand is much nicer. I will tour the whole country and see everything when I get there. I will visit different kinds of farms, local villages and learn about their culture. It may not have any difference from where I live now, but visiting another country in the other side of the globe is always exciting. Plus, they are not too far from my birth country and traveling is one of my many passions.

Anyway, if you are interested about traveling to New Zealand you can always ask Larry the Travel Guy for more information.


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