Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sushi Newbie

Guest post written by Kathryn Myers

I never tried sushi until my freshman year of college. I’m originally from a small town and there was one Japanese restaurant there that offered sushi, but I wasn’t crazy about the food so I never braved trying it. But once I went off to school and found a great little sushi place near campus when I was looking up local eateries with my blue internet service Oregon.

I’m basically a regular there now and always chat up the employees when I go there for a meal. In the spring semester my best friend from home was visiting and I of course wanted to show her a good time so we found a movie to go and see through wild blue and direct tv and then after I took her to the sushi place.

At first she was really unsure and skeptical. So I told her to order a California roll and got an order of hibachi chicken for us to split just in case she didn’t like it. But she ended up liking it once she got used to the concept!

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