Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Milk Bottles

These are half gallon milk bottles we are using to get milk from our friend. They have farm animals and their cows are giving too much milk for their own consumptions. We barely pay anything, because I know the work done milking a cow is a lot more than $3 a gallon. We like to pay them $5 a gallon but they don't want to accept it. So, I try very hard to go there with no change and just give them the money I came with, usually $10.

We are very thankful that they give us milk or trust us. We will do the same if we have cows and if we know our neighbors are nice and will not get us in trouble with FDA. By the way, the milk we get from them are raw and sometimes still warm. mmmm, nothing compare to warm milk (natural) before bedtime. I know some cannot drink raw milk. I cannot tolerate dairy product when I came in this country, but drinking raw milk prove it wrong.

My new brother in law was having digesting pasteurize and homogenize when she married my SIL. Now, he drinks raw milk and never had any problem. We told them where to get natural raw milk but we told them we like the place and please do not complain about them to FDA. We need more natural raw milk farmers in this area in my opinion. And I hate this raw milk wannabe drinker complain and run this farmers out of business.

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