Friday, August 27, 2010

I Love To Watch CNN in the Morning

Author: Jonathan Suarez

There is no greater pleasure for me than flipping through the directv channels and checking out CNN in the morning. Getting caught up on the day's events, and what might be coming down the pipe helps prepare me for the day while I sip on a cup of coffee. The anchors and reports present the facts in a professional and somewhat entertaining manner, and the show varies topics enough that a half hour or so is usually enough to figure out what I may have to research more on the Internet later in the day. Basically, national and global newscasts, like CNN, provide a sound basis of just about everything going on.

Of course, larger newsworthy events get focused on much more. This expanded coverage allows for an in-depth look at a given situation. I can always count on CNN for an unbiased report, and the reporters almost always ask the right questions. It is nice to watch my favorite news program without it trying to skew itself into entertainment. First thing in the morning, I want the facts. While admittedly, I have tried other news programs, I almost always turn back to CNN. I suppose everyone has their own unique comfort zone, and mine rests in that capable staff. I suppose the news channel is pretty much a solid part of my daily routine, as much as anything else.

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Auntie E said...

so how I have gotten away from watching the news. I think I prefer the local news around 12 noon. Than I might catch some weather or national news on line. I really haven't watched CNN news in a while.