Monday, August 10, 2009

Best Android App

Do you love listening to music or watching music videos and any type of videos and you don’t have enough memory in your phone? Now you can with Android Storage, you don’t need large memory to put it all in your phone. With Android Storage you can listen and watch your favorite music and videos remotely. You can get 1 GB storage for free and if that is not enough for you can buy bigger storage or according to what you need.

Android Storage
You have to choice from the following applications: AStunes can play all your uploaded music with streaming music application. AScinema let you watch uploaded videos and movies with streaming application. Aspics can display all your photo and image collections with photo application. And there are others that are still in the works and they are coming soon. You will have a chance to try it with 1 GB for free and if you like their services you can always buy extra storage and maybe you will be the first to use ASdisk, AScamera, and AScamcorder. You can visit their site and click on the “Contact Us” if you are developers who wanted to use or try this API in your application development for free. I think that is beneficial for both party, don’t you think?

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