Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Save Money on Lunch and Win Prizes

During my working days I always packed lunch for myself. There were times when I don’t pack anything but it was very seldom. I love these pre-pack foods that are ready in 3 minutes. I don’t need to drive somewhere to buy lunch and wait in line. Most of the time when I don’t pack lunch my whole lunch was only spent driving, buying food and looking for parking spot. Sometimes I can get away when people I knew was outside talking or what not and they watch my car for me while I’m inside a restaurant. However, they don’t happen often enough plus I was not getting paid enough to buy lunch every day. Packing lunch and buying it in bulk or in grocery store instead of restaurant was way cheaper. Furthermore, having variety of food for lunch is always good and it saves me cash.

The flavors I like the most are the Stouffers-panini and seafood Lean Cuisine. Any type of seafood will do it for me however, if one office mate does not like seafood I don’t cook it for lunch because she can’t stand the smell. I guess people who are not brought up with seafood will always refuse to eat or even smell them, but when I wanted to eat it especially when I was pregnant I can care less what other thinks. The devil in me comes out when I am hungry and pregnant.

Anyway, I am talking about these frozen lunch because they are having a contest. The contest is for a promotion of the launch of 4 varieties: Bistro Meatballs & Pepper, Bistro Chicken Souvlaki, Lean Cuisine Grilled Vegetables & Goat Cheese and Lean Cuisine Mango Tikka. Stouffer’s Panini is running a contest that allows you to win one of three grand prize (Choice of India, Greece, Italy and France) $10,000 cash prizes, (1 of 12) Sony Digital Camcorders (value of 500) and instant product prizes (Free Stouffer’s Product coupons) to be won.

When you register here for the first time the process allows you one entry and if you want more entry you will need one UPC code per day and sorry my fellow Americans this contest is only available to Canadian residents. Why not try accessing the US site, maybe you will find something there. I wish I live in Canada right now however, I got plenty of visitors from there and hopefully they see this and enter. Good luck to you guys. I am willing to accompany the winners of grand prize if they are willing to take me…any takers?


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