Monday, August 10, 2009

Do You Know the Truth Behind It

This written without prejudice and under reserve. Let me remind you that we are a Republic not democracy, and whoever question it read our constitution. Furthermore, let me remind you that one size fits all is not really true. So, what is the truth? The government is here because we voted them to be there and we (if you know about it) can vote them out too. If you like the ObamaSurance healthcare as invisioned byObama good for you. Do you also know that when you reach the certain age you are not cover by this so called Universal Health Care that he is talking about? Yes, it stop at the age 70. Research it, I will not give you the thread about it.

My family are against anything socialize. That is the reason behind why I teach my children at home, why I don't believe in socialize medicine, why I don't believe in a large government and so on. If you believe in the constitution you know what I am talking about. The government is put there by us to protect our rights, they are not put there to take our rights and that is what they are doing now. If we all stand up against them and vote them out, we will have the government who are following our law, the supreme law, the common law of this land. They should be trial for treason of their own land. However, I find it that a lot of people are scare of our government, scare of their own shadow and wants the government to do everything for them. Not me, I like to things on my own and my own way under the constitution.

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